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01-03.2015 : Developing 'Funeral Parlour Data Embalming Services' in the context of a residency @ Eastern Bloc (Montreal, Canada)

31.01.2015 : Presentation in the Capture Things panel @ Transmediale, and release of Datafied Research (Volume 4, Issue 1, 2015) published by Digital Aesthetics Research Center, Aarhus University in collaboration with Transmediale (Berlin, DE)

28.01.2015 : 'Erasure, an attempt to surpass datafication' published in the APRJA journal datafied research issue.

09-22.10.2014 : part of the Tracing Data exhibition organised by The Writing Machine Collective @ Connecting Spaces (Hong Kong, HK / Zürich, CH)

12-14.09.2014 : Data funerals presentation (with Julian Priest) [video here] in the ADA Mesh Cities event hosted @ the Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, NZ)

27.03.2014 : Presentation of Speedshow 2.0 Hong Kong with Winnie Soon in the Cultural Transformations, Technology and Urban Development Roundtable Symposium @ Aarhus University (Aarhus, DK)

27-29.01.2014 : Roger10-4 in Art Hack Day | Transmediale @ Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Arte Creative, WMN!, and Motherboard coverage of our Field Sweeper Inc. project (Berlin, DE)

17.01-10.03.2014 : Guest teacher in Dan Buzzo's Digital Media course @ University of Western England (Bristol, UK)

01-03.2014 : Visiting researcher @ Goldsmiths' Centre for Cultural Studies. Working on (London, UK)

08.12.2014 : Speedshow 2.0 together with Winnie Soon @ Cafe Kubrick (Hong Kong, HK)

09-12.2013 : 'Assistant hacker' in Samson Young's Blip, Blink & Move Laboratory @ School of Creative Media (Hong Kong, HK)

24.07.2013 : "Tassophonics: Nanotechnology and the magical unknown" in HCI International / Conference Proceedings (Springer publications)

27.05-07.07.2013 : Roger10-4 part of Haptic Interface exhibition @ Hong Kong House (Sydney, Australia)

19-26.05.2013 : Roger10-4 workshop/presentation in Datenspiel @ Hybrid City biennial (Athens, GR)

18.05.2013 : Roger10-4 part of Love Bazon hate Brock exhibition @ Kreuzberg Pavillon (Berlin, DE)

06.04.2013 : Haptic interface workshop with Tricia Flanagan and showing Roger10-4 @ Shenzhen Mini Maker Faire (Shenzhen, CN)

21.11.2012 : Failed Roger10-4 contribution to the Haptic InterFace Exhibition - thank you DHL! (Hong Kong)

01.11.2012 : Aether9 book is out!

09.2012 : Big move to Hong Kong - start PhD research at the School of Creative Media. (Hong Kong)

29.07-04.08.2012 : Telematic broadcasting tools workshop/performance @ 24HR Art (Darwin, Australia)

16-21.06.2012 : Aether9 book sprint with OSP (Brussels, NL)

05.2012 : Prototyping Tassophonics (Amsterdam, NL)

01.04.2012 : Finissage 'Zing!' exhibition (Rotterdam, NL)

05-10/03.2012 : Körperspule workshop and presentation during /etc in Kiberpipa (Ljubljana, SLO)

20-22/01.2012 : Körperspule workshop @ MAKE ME ECLECTIC festival in Museums Quartier (MQ) (Vienna, A)

12.2011 : Vibrobot, Digital Jewelry and USme workshops @ Planet M mobile tent (Amsterdam, NL)

17-20.11.2011 : Electromagnetic Cityscape workshop @ Piksel11 - check NRK news coverage (Bergen, NO)

10/11.2011 : Vibrobot workshops @ NIMK - part of 'The art of Hacking' exhibition tour and Museumnacht (Amsterdam, NL)

25.10.2011 : Deriving the Equilibrium artist talk @ Piet Zwart Institute (networked media) (Rotterdam, NL)

17.09.2011 : Cyborg Vanity panel and Weird/Wonderful Street Fair workshop @ ISEA (Istanbul, TR)

05-14.07.2011 : Roger 10-4 working @ Weise7 (Berlin, DE)

10-11.06.2011 : Electromagnetic Cityscape, Roger 10-4 workshop @ Napravi me! (Belgrade, SRB)

13-14.05.2011 : Liwoli, do you copy?, Roger 10-4 workshop @ Liwoli (Linz, A)

24.04.2011 : FLOSS narratives presentation, Programme#09 @ The UnifiedField (Granada, ES)

11.03-10.04.2011 : fils/threads online interface in DOGTIME the shortcut @ Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam, NL)

17-20.11.2010 : threads/ installation @ HTMlles (Montreal, Canada)

12+14.11.2010 : Intimacy over Distance workshop @ the Israeli Center for Digital Art (Holon, IL)

06.11.2010 : Confession performative installation @ Oude Kerk on Museumnacht (Amsterdam, NL)

17.06.2010 : White Smoke lecture / book presentation @ Designhuis (Eindhoven, NL)

25.05.2010 : aether9 presentation @ SAT (Montreal, Canada)

05.2010 : aether9 residency @ agence TOPO (Montreal, Canada)

15-23.05.2010 : White Smoke publication (design: Hexaplex, publisher: Onomatopee) and exhibition at Kunst Vlaai (Amsterdam, NL)

21.04.2010 : ghost trio (aether9 performance) @ Arti (Amsterdam, NL)

15-17.04.2010 : presentation & workshop @ liwoli2010 (Linz, A)

03.2010 : presenting fils d'instructions (installation and online interface) @ compagnie-f (Montreal, Canada)

01-03.2010 : residency @ studioXX (Montreal, Canada)

28.11.2009 : presenting paper: Haunted profiles; Social networking sites and the crisis of death @ re:live09 conference (Melbourne, AUS)
> re:live 2009 conference referred proceedings

25.11.2009 : presentation archives seminar at Victoria University (Melbourne, AUS)

21.11.2009 : TRINKNICS workshop at miss despoinas hacklab (Hobart, AUS)

25-31.10.2009 : residency at _____-micro research with aether9 group (Berlin, D)

15-22.08.2009 : connected domes workweek (noisy plants) along with stefanie wuschitz @ OKNO (Brussels, B)

07.2009 : VACATION (totally offline!!! :)

07-15.06.2009 : workshops @ /ETC Umeå (Umeå, S)

03-05.2009 : workshop: Portable Pixels and Worn Out Sounds along with kristina andersen @ the Netherlands Media Art Institute (Amsterdam, NL)

14.03-05.04.2009 : exhibiting a version of spectres? in Rietveld's DOGtime teachers exposure (Censored pornography) @ De Service Garage (Amsterdam, NL)

03-07.03.2009 : genderchangers @ winter camp! (Amsterdam, NL)

16.01.2009 : presenting thesis paper: Praise the Media! Mediated Mourning Rituals and the Acceptance of Death @ Specters, Hauntings and Archives Conference : University of Amsterdam (NL)

23-5.10.2008 : train journeys screening @ Simultan04 Festival (Timisoara, RO)

28.09.2008 : aether9 performance @ hamra street -outdoor screen of el medina theater (Beirut, Lebanon)

08.2008 : month stay at the rustines | lab of perte de signal (montreal, CAN)

26.07.2008 :
aether9 presentation @ ISEA (Singapore)

05.06.2008 : threads/ @ blaak10 gallery ...along with pieces by Walter Langelaar (Netherlands), Tsila Hassine (Israel), Shahee Ilyas (Maldives), Nancy Mauro-Flude (Australia) in a show called GPS at the blaak10 gallery (Rotterdam, NL)

04.05.2008 : 'spectres?' installation in collaboration with Peter Venus + Reni HofmŸller, part of Soundscape #1 at ESC im labor in graz (A) also presented during the Galerientage (Graz, A)

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about me...

media designer, artist and researcher formerly based in rotterdam/montréal. currently a phd researcher @SCM based in hong kong.
i have taught at the gerrit rietveld academie (software studies 2012, hacking & free software 2010, 2011, 2011 / communication 2009 / theory 2008, 2009). i helped setup and was the manager of the digital art lab @ CKC (2010-11). i have also taught at the willem de kooning academie (media design minor / software). i routinely give workshops (i.e. körperspule, trinknics, networked performance, html/css, soldering, wearables). together with sabrina basten i co-founded roger10-4, a duo that make/break discarded electronics to build wearable electromagnetic field 'sniffers'. i am also member of genderchangers; a network that promotes the exchange of technical skills between women, and a member of aether9; a collective that explores the dramaturgical possibilities of remote realtime storytelling.

research focus
> use of online medium for mourning purposes
> concept of finality in reproducible media
> women's relationship to technology
> the affordances of the internet medium in telematic performance

> phd candidate at the school of creative media in hong kong, HK.
> media design ma from the piet zwart institute in rotterdam, NL.
> bachelor in fine arts at concordia university, majoring in design art.