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02.2016 : Goodnight Sweetheart featured in Radio Canada's #numéricains series (Montreal, CA)

30.01.2016 : Dreaming in tongues/舌頭/langues/ بألسنة/tunger featured in Århus Stiftstidende (Aarhus, DK)

30.01.2016 : Tasting event: Dreaming in tongues/舌頭/langues/ بألسنة/tunger @ Kunsthal Aarhus (Aarhus, DK)

28.01.2016 : Presentation: 'Death in Infinite Times' @ IT University of Copenhagen's Culture and Games department (Copenhagen, DK)

01.2016 : Shortlisted for the Future Cemetery Design Award

03.12.2015 : Presentation: 'Memory execution / immortal data' @ Executions: conversations on code, power & death (version 0.1) held at Aarhus University (Aarhus, DK)

11.2015-02.2016 : Visiting researcher @ Aarhus University's School of Communication and Culture (Aarhus, DK)

10-24.10.2015 : Goodnight Sweetheart part of 'The Promise of the Internet' exhibition @ DINA (Sheffield, UK)

10.2015 : 'Let Them Eat cake!' article published in The Forager Magazine

17-18.08.2015 : Presentation: 'Erasure and the Datafied Self' @ Second International Death Online Research Symposium held at Kingston University (London, UK)

29.05.2015 : Goodnight Sweetheart workshop @ Victoria and Albert Museum in the context of the Friday Late programme (London, UK)

22-23.04.2015 : Posthumans n postburials workshop @ University of the Arts London (UAL) in the context of the Access Through Tools festival (London, UK)

20-22.03.2015 : Chéri, ne me quitte pas featured in 24h newspaper (Montréal, CA)

03.03.2015 : Goodnight Sweetheart featured in The Link newspaper (Montréal, CA)

01-03.2015 : Developing Funeral Parlour Data Embalming Services in the context of a residency @ Eastern Bloc (Montreal, Canada)

31.01.2015 : Presentation in the Capture Things panel @ Transmediale, and release of Datafied Research (Volume 4, Issue 1, 2015) published by Digital Aesthetics Research Center, Aarhus University in collaboration with Transmediale (Berlin, DE)

28.01.2015 : 'Erasure, an attempt to surpass datafication' published in the APRJA journal datafied research issue.

09-22.10.2014 : part of the Tracing Data exhibition organised by The Writing Machine Collective @ Connecting Spaces (Hong Kong, HK / Zürich, CH)

12-14.09.2014 : Data funerals presentation (with Julian Priest) [video here] in the ADA Mesh Cities event hosted @ the Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, NZ)

27.03.2014 : Presentation of Speedshow 2.0 Hong Kong with Winnie Soon in the Cultural Transformations, Technology and Urban Development Roundtable Symposium @ Aarhus University (Aarhus, DK)

27-29.01.2014 : Roger10-4 in Art Hack Day | Transmediale @ Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Arte Creative, WMN!, and Motherboard coverage of our Field Sweeper Inc. project (Berlin, DE)

17.01-10.03.2014 : Guest teacher in Dan Buzzo's Digital Media course @ University of Western England (Bristol, UK)

01-03.2014 : Visiting researcher @ Goldsmiths' Centre for Cultural Studies. Working on (London, UK)

08.12.2014 : Speedshow 2.0 together with Winnie Soon @ Cafe Kubrick (Hong Kong, HK)

09-12.2013 : 'Assistant hacker' in Samson Young's Blip, Blink & Move Laboratory @ School of Creative Media (Hong Kong, HK)

24.07.2013 : "Tassophonics: Nanotechnology and the magical unknown" in HCI International / Conference Proceedings (Springer publications)

27.05-07.07.2013 : Roger10-4 part of Haptic Interface exhibition @ Hong Kong House (Sydney, Australia)

19-26.05.2013 : Roger10-4 workshop/presentation in Datenspiel @ Hybrid City biennial (Athens, GR)

18.05.2013 : Roger10-4 part of Love Bazon hate Brock exhibition @ Kreuzberg Pavillon (Berlin, DE)

06.04.2013 : Haptic interface workshop with Tricia Flanagan and showing Roger10-4 @ Shenzhen Mini Maker Faire (Shenzhen, CN)

21.11.2012 : Failed Roger10-4 contribution to the Haptic InterFace Exhibition - thank you DHL! (Hong Kong)

01.11.2012 : Aether9 book is out!

09.2012 : Big move to Hong Kong - start PhD research at the School of Creative Media. (Hong Kong)

29.07-04.08.2012 : Telematic broadcasting tools workshop/performance @ 24HR Art (Darwin, Australia)

16-21.06.2012 : Aether9 book sprint with OSP (Brussels, NL)

05.2012 : Prototyping Tassophonics (Amsterdam, NL)

01.04.2012 : Finissage 'Zing!' exhibition (Rotterdam, NL)

05-10/03.2012 : Körperspule workshop and presentation during /etc in Kiberpipa (Ljubljana, SLO)

20-22/01.2012 : Körperspule workshop @ MAKE ME ECLECTIC festival in Museums Quartier (MQ) (Vienna, A)

12.2011 : Vibrobot, Digital Jewelry and USme workshops @ Planet M mobile tent (Amsterdam, NL)

17-20.11.2011 : Electromagnetic Cityscape workshop @ Piksel11 - check NRK news coverage (Bergen, NO)

10/11.2011 : Vibrobot workshops @ NIMK - part of 'The art of Hacking' exhibition tour and Museumnacht (Amsterdam, NL)

25.10.2011 : Deriving the Equilibrium artist talk @ Piet Zwart Institute (networked media) (Rotterdam, NL)

17.09.2011 : Cyborg Vanity panel and Weird/Wonderful Street Fair workshop @ ISEA (Istanbul, TR)

05-14.07.2011 : Roger 10-4 working @ Weise7 (Berlin, DE)

10-11.06.2011 : Electromagnetic Cityscape, Roger 10-4 workshop @ Napravi me! (Belgrade, SRB)

13-14.05.2011 : Liwoli, do you copy?, Roger 10-4 workshop @ Liwoli (Linz, A)

24.04.2011 : FLOSS narratives presentation, Programme#09 @ The UnifiedField (Granada, ES)

11.03-10.04.2011 : fils/threads online interface in DOGTIME the shortcut @ Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam, NL)

17-20.11.2010 : threads/ installation @ HTMlles (Montreal, Canada)

12+14.11.2010 : Intimacy over Distance workshop @ the Israeli Center for Digital Art (Holon, IL)

06.11.2010 : Confession performative installation @ Oude Kerk on Museumnacht (Amsterdam, NL)

17.06.2010 : White Smoke lecture / book presentation @ Designhuis (Eindhoven, NL)

25.05.2010 : aether9 presentation @ SAT (Montreal, Canada)

05.2010 : aether9 residency @ agence TOPO (Montreal, Canada)

15-23.05.2010 : White Smoke publication (design: Hexaplex, publisher: Onomatopee) and exhibition at Kunst Vlaai (Amsterdam, NL)

21.04.2010 : ghost trio (aether9 performance) @ Arti (Amsterdam, NL)

15-17.04.2010 : presentation & workshop @ liwoli2010 (Linz, A)

03.2010 : presenting fils d'instructions (installation and online interface) @ compagnie-f (Montreal, Canada)

01-03.2010 : residency @ studioXX (Montreal, Canada)

28.11.2009 : presenting paper: Haunted profiles; Social networking sites and the crisis of death @ re:live09 conference (Melbourne, AUS)
> re:live 2009 conference referred proceedings

25.11.2009 : presentation archives seminar at Victoria University (Melbourne, AUS)

21.11.2009 : TRINKNICS workshop at miss despoinas hacklab (Hobart, AUS)

25-31.10.2009 : residency at _____-micro research with aether9 group (Berlin, D)

15-22.08.2009 : connected domes workweek (noisy plants) along with stefanie wuschitz @ OKNO (Brussels, B)

07.2009 : VACATION (totally offline!!! :)

07-15.06.2009 : workshops @ /ETC Umeå (Umeå, S)

03-05.2009 : workshop: Portable Pixels and Worn Out Sounds along with kristina andersen @ the Netherlands Media Art Institute (Amsterdam, NL)

14.03-05.04.2009 : exhibiting a version of spectres? in Rietveld's DOGtime teachers exposure (Censored pornography) @ De Service Garage (Amsterdam, NL)

03-07.03.2009 : genderchangers @ winter camp! (Amsterdam, NL)

16.01.2009 : presenting thesis paper: Praise the Media! Mediated Mourning Rituals and the Acceptance of Death @ Specters, Hauntings and Archives Conference : University of Amsterdam (NL)

23-5.10.2008 : train journeys screening @ Simultan04 Festival (Timisoara, RO)

28.09.2008 : aether9 performance @ hamra street -outdoor screen of el medina theater (Beirut, Lebanon)

08.2008 : month stay at the rustines | lab of perte de signal (montreal, CAN)

26.07.2008 :
aether9 presentation @ ISEA (Singapore)

05.06.2008 : threads/ @ blaak10 gallery ...along with pieces by Walter Langelaar (Netherlands), Tsila Hassine (Israel), Shahee Ilyas (Maldives), Nancy Mauro-Flude (Australia) in a show called GPS at the blaak10 gallery (Rotterdam, NL)

04.05.2008 : 'spectres?' installation in collaboration with Peter Venus + Reni HofmŸller, part of Soundscape #1 at ESC im labor in graz (A) also presented during the Galerientage (Graz, A)

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> Chéri, ne me quitte pas
> SPEED SHOW [2.0] Hong Kong
> Roger 10-4
> Aether9
> Sing!
> Tassophonics
> Vibrobots
> Digital Art Lab
> threads/ (browser version)
> Confession
> Portable Pixels and Worn Out Sounds
> Connected domes
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p u b l i c a t i o n s

> 'Mourning Iterations' in Final Stages: Death, Performance and Culture, ed. Robert John Brocklehurst and Daniel Watt (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)
> 'Network Affordances: Unpredictable parameters of a Hong Kong SPEED SHOW' in The Fibreculture Journal 24 (2015)
> 'Erasure, an attempt to surpass datafication' in APRJA 4.1 (2015)
> 'Tassophonics: Nanotechnology and the magical unknown' in Design, User Experience, and Usability. User Experience in Novel Technological Environments 8014 (2013): 548-557
> Aether9, Remote Realtime Storytelling, ed. Audrey Samson and Manuel Schmalstieg (Greyscale Press, 2012)
> 'Pixel Experience Poetics' in White Smoke, ed. Hexaplex (Eindhoven: Onomatopee, 2010)
> 'Haunted profiles; Social networking sites and the crisis of death' in Re:live Media Art Histories 2009 conference proceedings, ed. Sean Cubitt and Paul Thomas (Melbourne: The University of Melbourne & Victorian College of the Arts and Music, 2009): 140-147

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> 2012-14: School of Creative Media (Hong Kong)
> 2008-12: Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam)
> 2008-10: Willem de Kooning Academie (Rotterdam)
+ guest lectures

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Audrey Samson is an artist-researcher whose performative installations explore how memory and technical objects are iteratively reconfigured and entangled in the context of networked data archiving. Samson uses erasure of data as a performative strategy to examine the relationship between network materiality and forgetting. In works such as Chéri, ne me quitte pas and Goodnight Sweetheart, erasure is achieved by visceral chemical degradation and embalming procedures. Her artistic approach, informed by the cultural context of technology, is ethnographical and rooted in software studies. Samson's work has been presented at festivals and galleries throughout the Asia Pacific, Europe, and Canada.